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    Remember, we are a chart correcting agent for New Zealand Charts, and provide a compass adjusting service.

    NZ Chart Catalogue Update.

    New Editions In Store.

    Arrived May 2017.

  • NZ 46 Cook Strait

  • NZ 48 Western Approaches to Cook Strait

  • NZ 54 Cuivier island to East Cape

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    Boat Books Ltd

  • The Boat Drinks Book A different tipple in every Port. Arrived 05-05-2017 Illustrated Navigation 3rd Edition 2017. Arrived 15-05-17
    Cape Horn and Antarctic waters..Chile, Falkland Islands . Arrived 10-05-17. Tide
    The Science and Lore of the Greatest Force on earth. Small Format. Arrived 10-05-17
    The Naked Shore of the North Sea. Paperback Edition. Arrived 05-05-17. Paul Elvstrom Explains the Racing Rules. 2017-2020. Arrived 05-05-17.
    Maritime Royalty. The Queen mary and the Cunard Queens. Arrived 05-05-17. Row, Row, Row Your waka.. Sing-along and perform the actions. Arrived 05-05-17
    The Frozen Frontier Arrived 27-04-2017 Last Voyages Arrived 27-04-17
    The Catamaran Book Sailing from Start to Finish. Arrived 20-04-2017 Stress-Free Motorboating Single and short-handed techniques. Arrived 20-04-17

    Magazines in recently - see the magazines page for full details.

    Thursday May 24th 2017

    Boating New Zealand (June 2017)
    Cruising Helmsman (May 2017)
    NZ Fishing News (June 2017)
    Australian Multihull World (May/June 2017)
    Ships Monthly (May 2017)
    Model Boats (April 2017)
    Sea Breezes (April 2017)

    Sunday May 21th 2017

    Yachting World - Air freighted (June 2017)
    Yachting World - Sea freighted (April 2017)
    Yachting Monthly (April 2017)



    A History of Fiji

    Secondhand. Volume 1. Reprint 2001.


    Cruising Guides, Books, NZ Charts,Chart table instruments and Courtesy Flags


    Semper Fidelis.

    50Years of the Ocean Greyhound.

    Was NZ$45.00

    Now NZ$25.00

    (While stocks last)


    Our Secret Weapon.

    A history
    and stories, about New Zealand's Iconic P Class Yacht.

    Gun Caundle




    Hot Johhny Wray coffee and cool boat books!