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Classic Sail, Square Rig and Steam

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  • TitleCover ImageAuthorConditionPrice - click to buy
    Sail In The South Ronald ParsonsFair Condition . Hardback 1975. NZ$35.00
    Fast Sailing Ships David MacGregorGood Condition . Hardback 1988. NZ$60.00
    Land and Sea Shalimar Fair Condition. Hardback 1948. NZ$20.00
    Modern Mariners A J VilliersFair Condition. Hardback 1937. NZ$20.00
    From the Log-book of Memory Shalimar Fair Condition. Hardback 1950. NZ$20.00
    Norske Seilskuter Fredhois ForlagGood Condition. Hardback 1933. NZ$15.00
    Steamers on the River William TorranceExcellent Condition, with dustjacket. Hardback 1986. NZ$25.00
    Days of the Steamboat William H. EwenFair Condition. Softcover 1988. NZ$2.00
    The Ship Ann Alexander of New bedford 1805-1851 Clement sawtellFair Condition. Softback 1962. NZ$25.00
    Round the Horn Before the Mast A. Basil LubbockFair Condition. Hardback 1946. NZ$15.00
    Cape Horn Passage W. M. HuttonFair Condition - No Dustjacket. Hardback 1934. NZ$25.00
    All Hands Aloft! Capt. William H. S. JonesFair Condition. Hardback 1969. NZ$20.00
    The Wheels' Kick and the Wind's Song A G Course Fair Condition, Hardback 1950 NZ$20.00
    The Great Days of Sail Andrew ShewanGood Condition, Hardback 1973. NZ$20.00
    Great Sailing Ships Otmar SchauffelenFair Condition, no dustjacket Hardback 1969. NZ$10.00
    Master of Cape Horn - W. A Nelson 1839-1929 Hugh Falkus Very Good Condition, Hardback 1982. NZ$25.00
    Seventeenth Century Rigging R Anderson Fair Condition, Hardback 1955. NZ$20.00
    Square Rigger Round the Horn C. Ray Wilmore Fair Condition, Hardback 1972. NZ$20.00
    A Million Miles in Sail John Herries McCulloch Fair Condition, Hardback 1933. NZ$10.00
    The Sailing Ship. Six Thousand Years of History R AndersonExcellent Condition, Hardback 1963. NZ$10.00
    Last Days of Mast & Sail Alan Moore Goos Condition, Hardback 1970 NZ$25.00
    Through Mighty Seas Henry Hughes Very Good Condition, Hardback 1975 NZ$20.00
    A Gipsy of the Horn Rex Clements Poor Condition, Hardback 1924 NZ$10.00
    The Merchant Sailing Ship Basil GreenhillGood Condition, Hardback 1970. NZ$10.00
    Voyaging Capt. James William HolmesVery Good Condition, Hardback 1965. NZ$20.00
    The Great Days of the Cape Horners Yves Le ScalPoor Condition, Hardback 1966. NZ$15.00
    The Way of a Ship Alan Villiers Very Good Condition, Hardback 1954. NZ$45.00
    The Four Masted Barque Edward BownessGood Condition, Hardback 1976. NZ$15.00
    By Way Of Cape Horn A J VilliersPoor Condition, Hardback 1930 NZ$35.00
    The Great Age of Sail Ed. Joseph jobeGood Condition, Hardback 1967 NZ$30.00
    The New Mayflower Alan Villiers Fair Condition, Hardback 1959 NZ$10.00
    The Golden Age of Sail of Australia and New Zealand Captain John Noble Very Good Condition, Hardback 1985 NZ$20.00
    Tall Ships Philip McCutchan Good Condition, Hardback NZ$10.00
    The call of the Sea Good Condition, Hardback 1983 NZ$15.00