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Adventures and Narratives

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    Daughters of the WindDavid Lewis Fair Condition. First Edition. Hardback 1967 NZ$35.00
    On the Wind of a DreamVictor Clark Fair Condition. Hardback 1961 NZ$50.00
    The Ocean Waits Webb Chiles Very Good Condition. Hardback 1984 NZ$55.00
    Voyaging Under Sail Eric Hiscock Good Condition. Hardback 1977 NZ$25.00
    Sea Change Mairi Hedderwick Excellent Condition. Softback 1999 NZ$30.00
    DoveRobin lee Graham Fair Condition. Hardback 1972 NZ$20.00
    Taking on the WorldEllen MacArthur Good Condition. Hardback. NZ$25.00
    Shapes on the WindDavid Lewis Good Condition. Softback. 2000 NZ$20.00
    Sons of SinbadAllan Villiers Fair Condition. Hardback 1940 NZ$35.00
    Sunrise to WindwardMiles Smeeton Fair Condition. Hardback 1966 NZ$40.00
    The Lonely Sea and the SkyFrancis Chichester Fair/ Good Condition. Hardback 1967 NZ$25.00
    Memories of a Matelot Sid Henry Good Condition. Paperback 2012 NZ$25.00
    Voyage of the Cap Pilar Adrian Seligman Fair/ Good Condition. Hardback 1947 NZ$25.00
    Into The Rising Sun Peter Spurdle Poor / Fair Condition. Hardback 1972 NZ$25.00
    The Thousand Dollar YachtAnthony Bailey Fair Condition. Paperback 1968 NZ$20.00
    The Voyage of Waltzing MatildaPhilip Davenport Fair Condition. Hardback 1953 NZ$30.00
    Tahiti-NuiEric de Busschop Fair Condition. Hardback 1959 NZ$25.00
    The Sea is for sailingPeter Pye Fair Condition. Hardback 1957 NZ$35.00
    Dreamers of the DayDavid Lewis Fair Condition. Hardback 1964 NZ$30.00
    Gypsy Moth Circles the WorldFrancis Chichester Fair Condition. Hardback 1967 NZ$25.00
    The Oceans are WaitingSharon Ragle Fair Condition. Hardback 2002 NZ$15.00
    Beyond the West HorizonEric C Hiscock Fair Condition, Hardback 1963 NZ$25.00
    Give Me a ShipAlan Villiers Fair Condition, Hardback 1958 NZ$25.00
    Voyaging Under SailEric C Hiscock Fair Condition, Hardback 1960 NZ$25.00
    Pacific WandererEarl R Hinz Good Condition, Softback 1991 NZ$45.00
    Eternal WaveJohn Scott Hughes Fair Condition, Hardback 1951 NZ$20.00
    Sailing to FreedomVoldemar Veedam Fair Condition, Hardback 1953 NZ$20.00
    Macphersons' VoyagesEd. John Scott Hughes Fair Condition, Hardback 1946 NZ$20.00
    Voyaging Under sail Eric Hiscock Fair Condition, Hardback 1959 NZ$25.00
    Captain Bligh & Mr Christian Richard Hough Good Condition, Softback 1972 NZ$25.00
    AloneGerard d'Aboville Good Condition, Softback 2011 NZ$20.00
    Jolie BriseRobin Bryer Good Condition, Softback 1997 NZ$30.00
    Seafaring TrilogyHal Roth Good Condition, with dustjacket. Hardback 2006 NZ$40.00
    Monsoon SeasAlan Villiers Fair Condition. Hardback 1952. NZ$25.00
    Race against TimeEllen MacArthur Good Condition. Hardback 2005. NZ$25.00
    World WandererDes Kearns Good Condition. Hardback 1971. NZ$15.00
    RedbillKate Lance Excellent Condition. Softback 2004. NZ$25.00
    AtlanticScott Cookman Good Condition. Hardback 2002. NZ$25.00
    Serpent in ParadiseDea Birkett Fair Condition. Hardback 1997. NZ$10.00
    Down the WindJack H Coote Fair Condition. Hardback 1966. NZ$30.00
    Britannia. Rowing Alone Across the AtlanticJohn Fairfax Fair Condition. Hardback 1971. NZ$10.00
    Yankee's People and PlacesIrving & Electra Johnson Fair Condition. Hardback 1956. NZ$35.00
    Yankee's Wander-WorldIrving & Electra Johnson Fair Condition. Hardback 1956. NZ$35.00
    The Voyage of the Tai-Mo-ShanMartyn Sherwood Fair Condition. Hardback 1946. NZ$25.00
    Close to the WindPete Goss Fair Condition. Paperback 1999. NZ$15.00
    Once is EnoughMiles Smeeton Excellent Condition. Paperback 2004. NZ$25.00
    Storm PassageJohn Ridgway Fair Condition. Hardback 1975. NZ$20.00
    First LadyKay Cottee Good Condition. Hardback 1989. NZ$20.00
    Operation Drake John Blashford-Snell Good Condition. (Signed) Hardback 1981. NZ$15.00
    My Lively Lady Sir Alec Rose Fair Condition. Hardback 1968. NZ$25.00
    Rowing it Alone Debra Veal Excellent Condition. Hardback 2002. NZ$20.00
    The Challenge.Chay Blyth Excellent Condition. Hardback 1993. NZ$20.00
    Gypsy moth Circles the World.Francis Chichester Fair Condition. Hardback 1967. NZ$25.00
    The Emerald Whaler.William J Laubenstein Fair Condition. Hardback 1961. NZ$20.00
    Across the South Pacific.Iain Finlay Good Condition. Hardback 1981. NZ$20.00
    A World to the West.Maurice R Cloughley Fair Condition. Hardback 1979. NZ$25.00
    World WandererDes Kearns Good Condition. Hardback 1971. NZ$15.00
    Tropical QuestDerek Townsend Fair Condition. Hardback 1965. NZ$10.00
    La Balsa Vital Alsar Poor Condition. Hardback 1973. NZ$10.00
    One Whaling FamilyEd. Harold Williams Fair Condition. Hardback 1964. NZ$20.00
    The Voyage of the American Promise Dodge Morgan Good Condition. Softback 1989. NZ$25.00
    The Unsinkable Kilcullen Enda O'Coineen Fair Condition. Hardback 1987. NZ$15.00
    Northwest Passage Solo.David Scott Cowper Very Good Condition. Hardback 1994. NZ$25.00
    The BountyCaroline Alexander Good Condition. Hardback 2003. NZ$20.00
    Lovely She GoesWilliam Mitford Good Condition. Hardback NZ$20.00
    Cruising Under SailEric Hiscock Fair Condition. Hardback 1974. NZ$25.00
    Beyond the West HorizonEric Hiscock Fair Condition. Hardback 1963. NZ$25.00
    Then We sailed AwayJohn Ridgeway Good Condition. Hardback 1996. NZ$25.00
    Half SafeBen Carlin Fair Condition. Hardback 1955. NZ$15.00
    Children of Three OceansDavid Lewis Poor Condition. Hardback 1969. NZ$25.00
    Castaway in ParadiseJames C Simmons Good Condition. Softback. 1998. NZ$25.00
    Adventures on the High SeasCapt. H. G. Kendall Fair Condition. Hardback. 1939. NZ$30.00
    Trimaran Against the TradesJean Cole Fair Condition. Hardback. 1968. NZ$15.00
    Isabel & the SeaGeorge Millar Fair Condition. Softback. 1999.NZ$25.00
    The Bombard StoryAlain Bombard Fair Condition. Hardback. 1953. NZ$10.00
    Spun YarnH Boothby Fair Condition. Hardback. Undated. NZ$10.00
    Sailing the DreamJohn McGrady Fair Condition. Softback. 1983. NZ$25.00
    My Old man & The SeaDavid Hays Good Condition. Hardback. 1995. NZ$20.00
    Children of Cape HornRosie Swale Fair Condition. Hardback. 1974. NZ$25.00
    Ice BirdDavid Lewis Fair Condition. Hardback. 1975.NZ$20.00
    There Was A ShipC Fox Smith Fair Condition. Hardback. 1929.NZ$15.00
    Maiden VoyageTania Aebi Fair Condition. Paperback. 1989.NZ$20.00
    The Kon Tiki ExpeditionThor Heyerdahl Fair Condition. Hardback. 1951.NZ$20.00
    A White Boat From EnglandGeorge Millar Fair Condition. Hardback. 1951.NZ$25.00
    A Lady's Cruise in a French Man-O-War. 2 VolumesCF Gordon CummingPoor Condition. Hardbacks 1875.NZ$60.00
    Fast Swimming Fish KurrewaRod MeyninkVery Good Condition. Softback 2005.NZ$40.00
    Children of Three OceansDavid LewisPoor Condition. Hardback 1969.NZ$25.00
    The Galapagos AffairJohn TreherneVery Good Condition. Hardback 1983.NZ$25.00
    FloreanaMargret WittmerGood Condition. Hardback 1961.NZ$25.00
    The Wavetree. An Ocean WandererGeorge SpiersExcellent Condition. Hardback 1969.NZ$50.00
    Hong Kong to Barcelona in the junk "Rubia"Jose Maria TeyGood Condition. Hardback 1962.NZ$40.00
    The TuntsaTeppo TurenFair Condition. Hardback 1961.NZ$25.00
    To The Ice and BeyondGraeme KendallExcellent Condition. Hardback 2016.NZ$30.00
    The Golden HazeRoderick Cameron Poor/ Fair Condition. Hardback 1964.NZ$15.00
    Cruise of the ConradAlan Villiers Fair Condition. Hardback 1952.NZ$25.00
    Phoenix from the AshesJustin TyersGood Condition. Softback 2012.NZ$15.00
    Lost LeviathanJF D OmmanneyFair Condition. Hardback 1971.NZ$30.00
    The Cradle of the DeepSir Frederick TrevesFair Condition. Hardback 1928.NZ$20.00
    Down the WindJack H Coote Very Good Condition. Hardback 1966.NZ$35.00
    Sail and DeliverRonald Preedy Excellent Condition. Hardback 1989.NZ$40.00
    Voyage to the IceDavid Lewis Fair condition. Hardback 1979.NZ$10.00
    The Miscellany of Pitcairn islandHerbert Ford Fair condition. Softback 1980.NZ$30.00
    Race Against TimeEllen Macarthur Excellent condition. Hardback 2005.NZ$25.00
    Queequeg's Odyssey Quen Cultra Good Condition. Hardback 1978.NZ$10.00
    'Lights' Patrick Stenson Very Good Condition. Hardback 1984.NZ$20.00