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Gift Books page six.


  • Down the Bay
  • Aotea Great Barrier
  • New Zealand's Working Dogs
  • Landscapes of New Zealand (Mini)
  • Auckland & Northland
  • Auckland Then and Now
  • Above Auckland
  • Shotover Jet
  • Fiordland
  • Fiordland. De Luxe. Slipcase Edition
  • Fiordland. Landscape & Life
  • Evolving Auckland
  • Islands - A New Zealand Journey
  • Harbour
  • Raoul and the Kermadecs
  • The Big Little Beach Book
  • Historic Treasures of the South

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    A Natural and Cultural History of Abel Tasman National Park
    By Philip Simpson Hardback, 1.98kg, 238mm x 285mm, 311 pages, Full colour photographs. Published 2018

    This beautful hardback coffeetable book is a history of Abel Tasman National Park, one of New Zealand’s most loved and popular national parks. A war-time baby, the park was created in 1942 to protect the wonderful sequence of beaches, headlands and forest that characterises this idylic stretch of coastline at the top of South Island

    Philip Simpson, presents a comprehensive picture of the distinctive landforms of Abel Tasman, from the granite headlands and golden-sand beaches of the coast to the deep caves of the uplands, the diversity of plants and animals, the marine environment, and the overlay of both Maori and European history.

    As well, the book records how Project Janszoon, a trust funded by a remarkably generous philanthropic gift, is working with the Department of Conservation and a range of other organisations to transform the park, by removing pests and weeds and then restoring and preserving the wildlife of Abel Tasman. This is an inspiring and hopeful story of how the future of an important area of New Zealand is being secured for future generations.

    Down the Bay is the first authoritative account of Abel Tasman National Park to ever be published.

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    By Chris Morton & Peter Malcouronne. Hardback, 2.22kg, 280mm x 350mm, 183 pages, Full colour photographs. Published 2018

    Rugged basalt bays on the west side, a mountainous interior and white-sand beaches on the east coast, serene one moment, savage the next - it’s not for nothing the island is called Great Barrier.

    The book consists of five chapters – sea, beach, land, bush and the mountains. Each of these landscapes is explored through the eyes of 12 different locals, who describe a favourite part of the island and explain why it has special meaning for them. In the process, they capture the essence of a community that is unlike any other. Perhaps more than anywhere else in New Zealand, there is a determination to retain what it is that makes the Barrier special, and discovering, defining what that is, is the theme of this book.

    Created around Chris Morton’s spectacular and evocative photographs, and a thoughtful and authentic text from Peter Malcouronne, this is a unique and special book, a tribute to this ruggedly beautiful island and the community that love it.

    NZ$70.00 + delivery.

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    By Andrew Fladeboe. Hardback, 0.26kg, 265mm x 220mm, 140 pages, Full colour photographs. Published 2015

    Spectacular photographs of rural and urban dogs in New Zealand¿s scenic landscapes. Behind-the-scenes with search and rescue groups, the police, and the Department of Conservation to see how they work and train their dogs

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    By Warren Jacobs. Softback, 0.26kg, 175mm x 125mm, 176 pages, Full colour photographs. Published 2015

    Visitors are constantly amazed at how New Zealanders in general take the extrodinary transitions from snow-capped alpine peaks to deep forest, and from pristine Lakes to tawny expanses of grassland almost for granted. Award winning photographer Warren Jacobs showcases the incredible scenery we have to offer.

    This compact (mini) edition is ideal for posting or for slipping in to a suitcase.

    NZ$25.00 + delivery.

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    AUCKLAND AND NORTHLAND. With Hauraki Gulf & Coromandel
    By Peter Morath. Paperback, 0.23kg, 245mm x 208mm, 48 pages, Full colour photographs. Published 2017

    This is a book of stunning scenery – a photographic celebration of some of New Zealand’s best natural beauty.

    . The perfect souvenir to take home or a small present for your visitors.

    NZ$20.00 + delivery.

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    By Jenny Haworth. Hardback, 0.95kg, 250mm x 285mm, 144 pages, Black & White and colour photographs. Published 2016

    Auckland Then and Now tells the history of the city through a unique combination of vintage photos paired with their modern-day equivalent. After the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in February 1840 the new Governor of New Zealand, William Hobson, chose the site of Auckland as his new capital and named it after George Eden, Earl of Auckland, who was then Viceroy of India. He also named the hill with the best view of the harbour, Maungawhau, Mount Eden. Since that time, the city has thrived, driven by a variety of businesses including a gold rush. Auckland Then and Now pairs up vintage streetscenes from the Victorian era through to the 1950s, to show how the city has changed in over 150 years of development. Sites include: The Ferry Building, Viaduct Basin, Queen Street, Victoria Street, the Town Hall, Karangahape Road, Albert Park, War Memorial, Newmarket, Mount Eden, One Tree Hill, Mission Bay, St. Heliers, Harbour Bridge, Devonport and Takapuna Beach.

    NZ$35.00 + delivery.

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    By David Wall. Hardback, 0.98kg, 240mm x 240mm, 159 pages, Full colour photographs. Published 2016

    Spread over a narrow isthmus, Auckland is one of the few cities in the world where two coasts are visible from the air. Using the latest drone technology, David Wall's photographs show an up-to-the-minute view of the pace of urban development in Auckland, and showcase a city of stunning scenic diversity.

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    By Jenny Mcleod. Softback, .81kg, 215mm x 245mm, 158 pages, Full colour photographs. Published 2016

    A fascinating insight into the story behind New Zealand's internationally renowned tourist jet boat venture which launched Queenstown's adventure tourism industry in 1965 and has thrilled over three million passengers in its first half century of operation. Jet boating arrived in New Zealand in the 1950s with the invention of the Hamilton jet unit by pioneer CWF (Bill) Hamilton. Tourism pioneers quickly identified the potential in Queenstown for commercial jet boating and in 1965 the Shotover Jet Boat Service Ltd was launched. During the following 50 years the trip through narrow and challenging Shotover Canyons has developed into a flagship New Zealand tourist activity - billed as the "world's most exciting jet boat ride". Shotover Jet has attracted many celebrities and received the royal stamp of approval and worldwide exposure when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge rode the canyons during their 2014 New Zealand tour.

    This book is more than just a story about a high profile tourist jet boat company - it is a captivating history reflecting the indomitable New Zealand pioneering spirit and early risk taking tourism entrepreneurs. Accompanied by superb historic and contemporary photographs Shotover Jet - The Story Of Queenstown's Adventure Tourism Pioneer captures one of the most exciting times in New Zealand's tourism history

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    By Andre Apse. Hardback, 2.18kg, 390mm x 275mm, 152 pages, Full colour photographs. Published 2016

    It was because of Fiordland that Andris Apse became a photographer. Back in the 1960s, when he was 21 years old he first tramped through the Stuart Mountains and ‘discovered’ Fiordland. Andris was overwhelmed by the majestic scenery but was also frustrated by his inability to communicate his wonder at the place. So he learned to take photographs, and Fiordland quickly became his great photographic passion. And now, aged 72, with 50 years of professional photography behind him, and over 500 nights spent living in the most remote parts of this majestic wilderness, Andris has completed a full circle.

    Fiordland is a master-work, a remarkable collection of photographs, that in stunning style, pays homage to the place of his early and greatest inspiration.

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    By Andre Apse. Hardback- Slipcase Edition, 2.18kg, 390mm x 275mm, 152 pages, Full colour photographs. Published 2016

    Also Available in this Special Priced Clothbound Deluxe Edition in a beautiful hardcovered slipcase. Perfect for Corporate Gift, Special Presentation or as a Thank you gift.

    Fiordland is a master-work, a remarkable collection of photographs, that in stunning style, pays homage to the place of his early and greatest inspiration.

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    Exploring New Zealand's last great Wilderness. By Roger Wandless with John Hall-Jones. Hardback, 1.39kg, 330mm x 240mm, 158 pages, Full colour photographs. Published 2011

    Fiordland. Landscape and Life is one of the most ambitious photographic publications undertaken not only in this remote region, but in New Zealand. The book has over 140 images including every Fiord, major lake and of many other areas, both iconic and hidden throughout the extent of Fiordland National Park. Images are taken on a mixture of high quality formats using both film and digital, landscape and panoramic formats.

    In addition to the landscape, the seasons, the weather, animal life and human activities, all have a place in the book. John Hall-Jones's authorative text complements the images and provides a valuable historical perspective.

    A visual journey that will cover the many moods and aspects of this World Heritage Wilderness area here on our own doorstep!

    NZ$69.00 + delivery.

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    EVOLVING AUCKLAND The City's Engineering Heritage
    By Ed. John La Roche. Softback, 1.17kg, 210mm x 260mm, 335 pages, black & white and full colour photographs. Plans and Drawings. Published 2016
    It is easy to understand why Auckland has the largest population of any region in the country. It is blessed with two very sheltered harbours and probably the mildest climate in New Zealand. Auckland has become the commercial capital of New Zealand, but this hasn't happened without the innovation and initiatives provided by the engineering profession. Engineers have been charged with making things, building our infrastructure and keeping it going in the face of rapidly increasing population growth. The basics like water supply, drainage and power supplies are essential, as are the harbour facilities, telecommunications, roads, railways, bridges and airports. The development of these facilities since 1840, the difficulties, political controversies and heartbreaks are described in this book by engineers who have been responsible for building our many and varied facilities. The largest industrial complex in New Zealand is situated not far from Auckland. Sir John Ingram, Managing Director of New Zealand Steel through the very difficult period when the imported plant failed to produce steel from our ironsands, tells his story. It wasn't until three bright young New Zealand graduates, through trials and analytical analysis got to grips with the problems and changed many of the processes, that quality steel was finally produced. New Zealand Steel producing steel from ironsands, is now one of the most efficient steel plants in the world and a major export earner for the country.

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    ISLANDS. A New Zealand Journey
    By Bruce Ansley and Jane Ussher. Hardback, 1.83kg, 225mm x 292mm, 384 pages, full colour photographs. Published 2016

    Islands are slightly out of control, still wild even in the absence of wildness. They have a strange effect on you, as if your life has shifted somewhere else...
    New Zealand is a nation surrounded by hundreds of islands. Some are idyllic retreats, home to grand mansions or towering lighthouses. Others have poignant histories as persons, quarantine stations and leper colonies. A precious few have become sanctuaries, safe from harmful predators, while others harbour generations of farmers, whalers and muttonbirders. Then there are those that barely sustain life at all – the jagged remains of an ancient land mass, lying deep beneath the sea.

    This book covers them all and Bruce Ansley’s text is perfectly complimented by Award winning photographer Jane Ussher’s stunning photographs.

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    By Alastair Grant. Hardback, 1.35kg, 220mm x 300mm, 238 pages, Full colour photographs. Published 2012
    A photographic record of the inland harbours of the West Coast of the North Island, the under-appreciated regions and the people who live and work on, and around them.

    The Harbours are drowned river valleys. They differ greatly in size, but share a similar climate with prevailing westerly winds. Settled by Maori in the 13th and 14th centuries, they have played significant roles in our history. Today the Manauka and porirua harbours support large urban polpulations and commercial activities, while the others are less populated and more remote. To this day, Marae dot their shores.

    Harbours covered in this book include:

  • Kaipara (950 SQ KM)
  • Manukau (394 SQ KM)
  • Hokianga (114 SQ KM)
  • Kawhia (70 SQ KM)
  • Raglan (33 SQ KM)
  • Aotea (31 SQ KM)
  • Whangape (11.6 SQ KM)
  • Herekino (5.6 SQ KM)
  • Porirua (8 SQ KM)

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    By Steven Gentry. Hardback, 1.52kg, 265mm x 220mm, 345 pages, Full colour and black and white photographs with some line drawings.
    'In the midst of a prodigious ocean', as one European explorer described them, the Kermadec Islands lie 1000 kilometres north of New Zealand and form our northern bastion. This lavishly illustrated book is the story of the Islands: their unique flora and fauna: the attempts at settlement: their uses in both war and peace and the restoration of their ecosystem. A dramatic story of storms, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and other events that have hindered the efforts to make use of the Islands. Raoul and the Kermadecs as very few people know them.

    NZ$60.00 + delivery.

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    By CPL Media. Hardback, 0.68kg, 155mm x 220mm, 207 pages, Full colour Photographs. Published 2016
    Loved New Zealand Beaches.

    A Photographic celebration of New Zealand's loved beaches. From the Far North to the Deep South and the Coasts between. This book is an ode to New Zealand's Coasts. From its city beaches that are enjoyed by thousands to the remote edges that make you feel gloriously insignificant. Not every beach is in here, nor does it include all the spots that feature in 'The Best Beach' lists, but some favourites are here. Is yours?

    NZ$30.00 + delivery.

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    By John Hall-Jones, Paperback, 0.44 kgs, 220m x 210mm, 128 pages, monochrome photographs and illustrations.
    In this book, John Hall-Jones tells us of the arrivals of the early Maori and later the Europeans, the navigators, sealers and whalers, in the southern part of New Zealand. In doing so he takes us to the places where they first made landfall and shows us the visible evidence that survives there today. In remote Dusky Sound he shows us what remains of Cooks' observatory of 1793. Also the relics of the first two European houses in New Zealand, the first shipbuilding and the first shipwreck. In equally remote Preservation Inlet he takes us to historic Spit Island, the site of two Maori battles in the 1780s. Also nearby Cuttle Cove, the site of the first whaling station in New Zealand.

    Closer to home he conveys us to Codfish Island, the site of the first European settlement in southern New Zealand and now a sanctuary for the very rare Kakapo. From Codfish Island one of the early sealer settlers, James Spencer, crossed the southern mainland to found Bluff, the oldest town in New Zealand.

    In visiting these historic places the author makes full use of the original firsthand descriptions of Dr. Edward Shortland, Captain Stokes, Commissioner Mantell and Chief Surveyor Thomson, whose journals are important treasures in our history.

    The text is liberally illustrated with some 200 photographs, inlcuding a priceless collection of Maori taonga (treasures) in the Southland Museum; these treasures recently toured New Zealand on exhibition.

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