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    Remember, we are a chart correcting agent for New Zealand Charts, and provide a compass adjusting service.

    NZ Chart Catalogue Update.

    New Editions In Store.

    Arrived April.

  • NZ 57 Blackhead Point to Castle Point

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    Boat Books Ltd

  • Business Card Holder- Code Flags.. Slim Brass wallet for cards. Arrived 28-04-17. Business card Holder - Calendar.. Arrived 28-04-17.
    RYA Powerboat Handbook 3rd Edition. 2016. Arrived 27-04-2017 Bosun's Call Brass bosuns Whistle in wooden box. Arrived 27-04-17
    The Catamaran Book Sailing from Start to Finish. Arrived 20-04-2017 Stress-Free Motorboating Single and short-handed techniques. Arrived 20-04-17
    Captain James Cook Small Format . Arrived 20-04-2017 The Glass Universe The Women who took the measure of the stars. Arrived 20-04-17
    Quality Time..Celebrating 50 years of the Mike Peyton's yachting cartoons. Arrived 20-04-17. Bluewater Cruisers
    North American Production Sailboats. Arrived 20-04-17
    Oriental Endeavour. A tale of two Tugboats.Arrived 20-04-17. Chasing Conrad. The decline of the era of old cargo ships. Arrived 20-04-17

    Magazines in recently - see the magazines page for full details.

    Thursday April 27th 2017

    Ships Monthly (April 2017)
    Sea Breezes (March 2017)
    Model Boats (March 2017)
    NZ Fishing News (May 2017)
    Cruising Helmsman (April 2017)
    Boating New Zealand (May 2017)

    Sunday April 23rd 2017

    Water Craft (March/April 2017)
    Boat Exclusive (1/2017)
    Yachting World Sea freighted (March 2017)
    Yachting World Air freighted (May 2017)
    Yachting Monthly (March 2017)
    Professional Skipper (May/June 2017)


    The Frozen Frontier
    Polar Bound through the Northwest Passage. Arrived 20-04-17

    Polar Mariner
    Beyond the limits in Antarctica. Arrived 20-04-17

    Last Voyages
    Remarkable sailors who never returned. Arrived 20-04-17

    Four mums in a Boat.A 3000 mile row across the Atlantic. Arrived 20-04-17.

    Missing the Boat. Chasing a childhood sailing dream. Arrived 20-04-17

    Cruising Guides, Books, NZ Charts,Chart table instruments and Courtesy Flags


    Southern Lights.

    Scottish contribution to New Zealand Lighthouses.


    To Auckland by the Ganges.

    A Mid-19th century Journey to New Zealand.


    Roughy on the Rise.

    The Story of NZ's most controversial fishery


    Clinker Lapstrake Dinghy Construction.

    Peter Peal. Boat-Builder.




    Hot Johhny Wray coffee and cool boat books!