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The Sea WolfJack London$NZ25.00
Peter Montgomery. The Voice of YachtingBill Francis$NZ15.00
Rescue PilotJerry Grayson$NZ35.00
The Last CrusadeNigel Cliff$NZ30.00
In the Wake of HeroesEd. Tom Cunliffe$NZ37.00
Sea FeverSam Jefferson$NZ25.00
Saltwater Highway, TheGordon McLauchlan$NZ45.00
Sea TrialsPeter J Bourke$NZ37.00
A Thousand Miles From AnywhereSandra Clayton$NZ25.00
Lord JimJack London$NZ25.00
Robinson CrusoeDaniel Defoe$NZ25.00
Which way Is Starboard Again?Anna Kirtlan$NZ30.00
A Sail of Two IdiotsRenee D. Petrillo$NZ37.00
Winging ItDiane Swintal, R Steven, Tsuchiya, Robert amins$NZ39.00
Coyote Lost at SeaJulia Plant$NZ40.00
Suddenly OverboardTom Lochhaas$NZ35.00
Building and Design
Devlin's BoatbuildingSamuel Devlin$NZ61.00
Boat Building Techniques IllustratedRichard Birmingham$NZ75.00
Building Classic Small Craft PbkJohn Gardner$NZ55.00
Clinker BoatbuildingJohn Leather$NZ52.00
Nature of Boats, TheDave Gerr$NZ62.00
Details of Classic Boat Construction: The HullLarry Pardey$NZ102.00
Inspecting the Aging SailboatDon Casey$NZ33.00
Yacht Interior ConstructionEdward Mitchell$NZ15.00
Boat Data Book, The 7th EditionIan Nicholson$NZ60.00
Replacing Your Boat's EngineMike Westin$NZ50.00
Pete Culler On Wooden BoatsEdited by John Burke$NZ56.00
Lofting a BoatRoger Kopanycia$NZ45.00
Boat Joinery & Cabinetmaking SimplifiedFred P. Bingham$NZ45.00
Iain Oughtred - A Life in Wooden BoatsNick Compton$NZ60.00
Classic ClassesVanessa Bird$NZ45.00
History of New Zealand Scows and Their Trades, ADavid Langdon$NZ80.00
Buehler's Backyard Boatbuilding for the 21st CenturyGeorge Buehler$NZ60.00
Wooden BoatbuildingJean-Francois Garry$NZ40.00
Illustrated Custom BoatbuildingBruce Roberts-Goodson$NZ85.00
Elements of Boat Strength, TheDave Gurr$NZ59.00
Building the Uqbar Dinghy- with the Stitch-and-Glue TechniqueRedjeb Jordania$NZ35.00
Sharpie Book, TheReul B. Parker$NZ48.00
Principles of Yacht Design 4th EditionLars Larrson & Rolf E Eliasson$NZ110.00
Understanding Boat Design, Fourth EditionTed Brewer$NZ34.00
How to Design a Boat - Sail and Power,Fourth EditionJohn Teale$NZ37.00
Pelin Boat Plans CatalogueFrank Pelin$NZ26.00
Boatbuilding ManualRobert M Stewart, revised by Carl Cramer$NZ63.00
John Welsford Small Craft Design Catalogue, Fourth Edition (2004)John Welsford$NZ25.50
Boatbuilder's Apprentice, TheGreg Roessel$NZ87.00
Boatbuilding With Aluminum 2nd EditionStephen F Pollard$NZ77.00
Boat Fittings, Maintenance & Corrosion
Know Your BoatDavid Kroenke$NZ57.00
Boat MaintenanceWilliam M. Burr Jr$NZ56.00
The Boat Maintenance BiblePat Manley; Rupert Holmes$NZ75.00
Fitting Out Your BoatMichael Naujok$NZ45.00
Quick & Easy Boat MaintenanceSandy Lindsey$NZ32.00
Boat Interior ConstructionMichael Naujok$NZ45.00
Sailboat RefinishingDon Casey$NZ32.00
Upgrading Your Boat's InteriorMike Westin$NZ45.00
How to Paint Your Boat, 2nd EditionNigel Clegg$NZ37.00
Fix it and SailBrian Gilbert$NZ33.00
Boatowner's Guide to Corrosion, TheEverett Collier$NZ39.00
Boat Repair Bible, TheRupert Holmes, Richard Johnstone-Bryden & Jake Kavanagh$NZ75.00
How Boat Things WorkCharlie Wing$NZ40.00
Brightwork Companion, TheRebecca J. Wittman$NZ35.00
Boats With an Open MindPhilip C. Bolger$NZ60.00
The Boat Improvement BibleAdlard Coles$NZ75.00
Fiberglass Boat Repairs IllustratedRoger Marshall$NZ42.00
Fibreglass Boats, 5th EditionHugo Du Plessis$NZ60.00
Don Casey's Complete Illustrated Sailboat Maintenance ManualDon Casey$NZ99.00
Insider's Guide to Boat Cleaning and Detailing, TheNatalie Sears$NZ41.00
This Old Boat, 2nd EditionDon Casey$NZ79.00
Boat WorksSail Magazine$NZ82.00
Childrens Books
Little Bear's Little BoatEve Bunting$NZ16.00
Coffeetable & Gift Books
Naked Eye WondersPaul Taylor$NZ12.50
Galapagos - Preserving Darwin's LegacyTui de Roy (ed)$NZ80.00
Vaka Moana - Voyages of the AncestorsK.R. Howe$NZ49.99
Vintage New Zealand LaunchesHarold Kidd & Robin Elliott$NZ50.00
Winkelmann's WaitemataRobin Elliott, Harold Kidd, T L Rodney Wilson$NZ40.00
Bailey Boat CatLouise Kennedy$NZ23.00
Home Afloat, AGary Cookson$NZ45.00
Eileen Ramsay - Queen of Yachting PhotographyBarray Pickthall$NZ60.00
Logans, TheRobin Elliott & Harold Kidd$NZ50.00
Sparkman & Stephens Classic Modern YachtsFranco Pace$NZ140.00
Hunting the HuntersLaurens de Groot$NZ33.00
Charles E Nicholson and his YachtsFranco Pace & William Collier$NZ140.00
Yachting - A Visual Celebration of Sailing Past and PresentOlivier le Carrer$NZ75.00
Last Ocean, The - Antarctica's Ross Sea projectJohn Weller$NZ90.00
Urban WaterwaysDerek Pratt$NZ50.00
Lighthouses of the WorldMarie-Haude Arzur$NZ45.00
Launching DreamsBaden Pascoe$NZ60.00
London's WaterwaysDerek Pratt$NZ45.00
Auckland WaterfrontRoger D Morris$NZ20.00
Canal Guide, TheStuart Fisher$NZ37.00
Light Through a LensNeil Jones & Paul Ridgeway$NZ50.00
Waterways - Past & PresentDerek Pratt$NZ35.00
Sail - A Photographic Celebration of Sail PowerAdlard Coles Nautical$NZ75.00
Sea Chart, TheJohn Blake$NZ50.00
Outrageous YachtsJill Bobrow, Kenny Wooton and Dana Jinkins$NZ90.00
Race to the EndRoss D.E. MacPhee$NZ50.00
Cruising Guides: Elsewhere
World Cruising DestinationsJimmy Cornell$NZ85.00
100 Magic Miles, 10th Revised EditionDavid Colfelt$NZ100.00
Through the French Canals, 13th EditionDavid Jefferson$NZ45.00
European Waterways, The - Second EditionMarion Martin$NZ40.00
Avon Migrant Cruising Notes: VanuatuPhil Cregeen$NZ25.00
Avon Migrant Cruising Notes: MicronesiaPhil Cregeen$NZ25.00
Avon Migrant Cruising Notes: Southern New CaledoniaPhil Cregeen$NZ25.00
Avon Migrant Cruising Notes: Ha'apai GroupPhil Cregeen$NZ25.00
Avon Migrant Cruising Notes: FijiPhil Cregeen$NZ25.00
Atlantic Crossing Guide, The 6th EditionJane Russelll$NZ130.00
Cruising The Coral Coast, Ninth EditionAlan Lucas$NZ135.00
Rocket Guide Nautical Guide to New Caledonia & Vanuatu DVDRichard Chesher$NZ330.00
Lonely Planet Indonesia. 11th EditionLonely Planet$NZ43.00
Rocket Guide Nautical Guide to New Caledonia DVDRichard Chesher$NZ200.00
Pacific Crossing Guide, The 3rd EditionKitty Van Hagen$NZ90.00
World Cruising Routes, Seventh EditionJimmy Cornell$NZ130.00
RYA Inland Waterways HandbookAndrew Newman$NZ42.00
The Canal Du Midi - A Cruiser's GuideBernd-Wilfried Kiessler$NZ33.00
Cruising TasmaniaJ. Brettingham-Moore$NZ115.00
Lonely Planet Fiji, 10th EditionDean Starnes, Nana Luckham$NZ35.00
Lonely Planet South Pacific. 6th EditionCeleste Brash and others$NZ45.00
Lonely Planet Rarotonga, Samoa & Tonga. 8th EditionPeter Dragicevich, Craig McLachlan$NZ35.00
Rocket Guide Nautical Guide to Vanuatu DVDRichard Chesher$NZ140.00
Inland Waterways Manual, The - 3rd EditionEmrhys Barrell$NZ45.00
Lonely Planet Tahiti & French Polynesia. 10th EditionCeleste Brash, Jean-Bernard Carillet$NZ35.00
Cruising French Waterways, 4th edition revisedHugh McKnight$NZ60.00
Lonely Planet Vanuatu & New Caledonia. 8th EditionJocelyn Harewood$NZ35.00
Lonely Planet Papua New Guinea & Solomon Islands. 10th EditionRowan McKinnon et al$NZ40.00
RYA European Waterways Regulations, 2nd editionTam Murrell$NZ27.50
Dream Cruising DestinationsVanessa Bird Martin Walker and Anne Hammick$NZ45.00
Cruising The New South Wales CoastAlan Lucas$NZ135.00
Tasmanian Anchorage Guide. 5th EditionRYC Tasmania$NZ110.00
British River NavigationsStuart Fisher$NZ60.00
Lonely Planet Thailand. 16th EditionLonely Planet$NZ43.00
Discover Caribbean IslandsLonely Planet$NZ45.00
100 Magic Miles, 11th EditionDavid Colfelt$NZ140.00
Charts: Hydrographic, Bathymetric & Digital
Boatpak Wallets for folded charts - please add one per chart or as wanted $NZ2.00
Endeavour 5 Navigator Digital Chart Platform $NZ460.00
Recreational Boating Guides - Wellington and Paremata to PictonCoastguard - Navy$NZ20.00
Memory-Map Quick Charts New ZealandMemory-Map$NZ75.00
Memory-Map Quick Charts AustraliaMemory-Map$NZ410.00
New Zealand Nautical Almanac 2016/17 (NZ 204)LINZ$NZ20.50
Recreational Boating Guides - Auckland, Waiheke, Coromandel 2nd EditionCoastguard - Navy$NZ45.00
Recreational Boating Guides - Bay of IslandsCoastguard - Navy$NZ45.00
New Zealand Mariner's Handbook, Second EditionEditor T J Ridge$NZ35.00
New Zealand Tidal Stream Atlas (NZ 206)LINZ$NZ8.00
All Land Information New Zealand Charts - Click Here For Catalogue $NZ22.50
Recreational Boating Guides - Auckland to Kawau Island, 2nd revised ed.Coastguard - Navy$NZ45.00
Recreational Boating Guides - Great Barrier to Mercury IslandsCoastguard - Navy$NZ45.00
NIWA Bathymetric ChartsNational Institite of Water and Atmospheric Research$NZ22.50
Chart Catalogue and Index (NZ 202) $NZ5.00
Chart Table Instruments
Nautical Protractor - 320mm diagonalLinex$NZ25.00
Captain Fields Parallel Rulers, Aluminium Arms 455mmLinex$NZ66.50
Handy Plotter PackCaptainTeach Press$NZ49.50
Captain Fields Parallel Rulers, Aluminium Arms 535mmLinex$NZ70.00
Ultralight Divider/CompassLinex$NZ44.00
Captain Fields Parallel Rulers, Aluminium Arms 380mmLinex$NZ46.00
Captain Rude Star-Finder 2102-DWeems & Plath$NZ90.00
Student Divider/CompassLinex$NZ17.50
Weems Protracor/Compass Rose Plotter PackWeems & Plath$NZ59.50
Douglas Square Protractor, 120mmTaurus$NZ5.00
Plain Parallel Rulers, 380mmWeems & Plath$NZ39.50
Dividers Linex 150mmLinex$NZ20.00
Dividers Linex 200mmLinex$NZ25.00
Captain Fields Parallel Rulers, Aluminium Arms 605mmLinex$NZ77.00
Captain Fields Parallel Rulers, Brass Arms 380mmLinex$NZ56.50
Single Handed Brass DividersLinex$NZ45.00
Portland Speed Time Distance CalculatorBH$NZ25.00
Straight Brass DividersLinex$NZ45.00
Compass-rose DemonstratorCaptain Teach Press$NZ46.00
Nautical Protractor - 280mm diagonalLinex$NZ20.00
Cruising Guides; New Zealand
Spot X SurfingPita Ngaru & Mark Airey$NZ45.00
New Zealand's Hauraki GulfDavid Thatcher$NZ82.00
Lonely Planet New Zealand, 18th EditionCharles Rawlings-Way, Brett Atkinson, Sarah Bennett, Peter Dragicevich, Errol Hunt$NZ40.00
How to Go Boating and WhereMike Rendle$NZ30.00
Coastal Cruising Handbook, 11th Edition PBRoyal Akarana Yacht Club$NZ65.00
New Zealand's Northland Coast. 2nd EditionDavid Thatcher$NZ60.00
Spot X Diving New ZealandDave Moran, Jenny & Tony Enderby$NZ40.00
Story of the Haurki Gulf.Raewyn Peart$NZ90.00
Lonely Planet New Zealand's North Island 4th EditionBrett Atkinson et al$NZ33.00
William Owen's Hauraki Gulf 4th EditionPenny Owen$NZ25.00
Hauraki GulfIan D. Robinson$NZ15.00
Spot X Tramping New ZealandColin Moore$NZ39.99
Lonely Planet New Zealand's South Island, 5th EditionBrett Atkinson et al$NZ33.00
Cruising Guide South Island East Coast Featuring Banks PeninsulaEvan Paterson & Wayne Nolan$NZ45.00
Spot X Walking New ZealandTony & Jenny Enderby$NZ44.99
Spot X Cruising New Zealand-Northcape to EastcapeMike Pigneguy/Mark Airey$NZ30.00
New Zealand's Northland Coast 3rd editionDavid Thatcher$NZ82.00
Sonja's KitchenDee Pigneguy and Sonja Raela$NZ40.00
Kiwi Smoker, TheCarl Scott$NZ13.50
The Boat Galley CookbookCarolyn Shearlock & Jan Irons$NZ65.00
The Boat CookbookFiona Sims$NZ37.00
Esential Oyster, TheRowan Jacobsen$NZ40.00
Beaufort Scale Cookbook, TheJune Raper$NZ35.00
Reluctant CookJane Gibb$NZ34.00
One Pan Galley Gourmet, TheDon Jacobson & John Roerbts$NZ35.00
Snapper Cookbook, TheAdam Clancey$NZ20.00
Kiwi Sizzler Smoking Book, TheChris Fortune$NZ30.00
Cruising Preparation
Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew, The 4th Ed.Lin & Larry Pardey$NZ45.00
How to Sail Around the WorldHal Roth$NZ61.00
Adlard Coles Book of Mediterranean Cruising, The. 3rd editionRod Heikell$NZ45.00
The Sailor’s Book of Small Cruising SailboatsSteve Henkel$NZ56.00
Sell Up & SailBill and Laurel Cooper$NZ45.00
Get Ready To Cruise DVDLin & Larry Pardey$NZ40.00
Cruising in Seraffyn, 25th Anniversary EditionLin & Larry Pardey$NZ45.00
The Liveaboard GuideTony Jones$NZ37.00
The Cruising LifeJim Trefethen$NZ45.00
Storm Tactics HandbookLin & Larry Pardey$NZ45.00
Going ForeignBarry Pickthall$NZ38.00
Self Sufficient SailorLin & Larry Pardey$NZ60.00
Yacht Owner's ManualAndy Du Port$NZ40.00
Bull Canyon - A Boatuilder, a Writer and other WildlifeLin Pardey$NZ25.00
Sell Up and Cruise the Inland WaterwaysBill & Laurel Cooper$NZ40.00
Get Ready To Cross Oceans DVDLin & Larry Pardey$NZ40.00
The Dinghy Cruising CompanionRoger Barnes$NZ40.00
Narrowboat GuideTony Jones$NZ48.00
Buying a Yacht - New or Second-HandBarry Pickthall$NZ37.00
Modern Cruising Sailboat, TheCharles J. Doane$NZ73.00
Tropical Cruising Handbook PaperbackMark Smaalders & Kim des Rochers$NZ42.00
Cost Control while you Cruise DVDLin & Larry Pardey$NZ35.00
Cruising Under SailEric Hiscock$NZ75.00
Why Didn't I Think of That?John & Susan Roberts$NZ45.00
Dag Pike's Cruising Under SailDag Pike$NZ50.00
Changing CourseDebra Ann Cantrell$NZ29.00
Taleisin's TalesLin & Larry pardey$NZ35.00
Cruising has no Limits DVDLin & Larry Pardey$NZ33.00
As Long as it's FunHerb McCormick$NZ35.00
Seraffyn's Oriental AdventureLin & Larry Pardey$NZ40.00
Seraffyn's European AdventureLin & Larry Pardey$NZ40.00
Seraffyn's Mediterranean AdventureLin & Larry Pardey$NZ40.00
River Cruising in EuropeDouglas Ward$NZ35.00
RYA Yacht Sailing TechniquesJeremy Evans$NZ50.00
Capable Cruiser, 3rd editionLin & Larry Pardey$NZ55.00
Sailing in ParadiseRod Heikell$NZ40.00
Nigel Calder's Cruising HandbookNigel Calder$NZ91.00
Bluewater Sailing on a Budget Jim Elfers$NZ37.00
All in the Same BoatTom Neale$NZ31.00
Coastal Cruising Under PowerGene & Katie Hamilton$NZ40.00
Storm Tactics DVDLin & Larry Pardey$NZ40.00
Seaworthy Offshore Sailboat, TheJohn Vigor$NZ35.00
Photography At seaPatrick Roach & Fred Barter$NZ45.00
Surveying Fiberglass SailboatsHenry C. Mustin$NZ56.00
Cruising Woman's Advisor, The - 2nd EditionDiana Jessie$NZ39.00
Cost Conscious CruiserLin & Larry Pardey$NZ60.00
Voyager's Handbook, The - 2nd EditionBeth A Leonard$NZ87.00
Great Waterways JourneysDerek Pratt$NZ40.00
Cruising Tales
Where The Ocean Meets The SkyCrispin Latymer$NZ25.00
Passion for the Sea - Reflections on Three Circumnavigations, AJimmy Cornell$NZ75.00
Occupation CircumnavigatorLars Hassler$NZ40.00
RYA Programmes
RYA Boat MaintenanceAndrew Simpson$NZ56.50
Yachtmaster For Sail & Power, 4th EditionAlison Noice$NZ55.00
RYA Go Sailing Activity BookRYA$NZ25.00
RYA Yachtmaster Scheme - Syllabus and LogbookRYA$NZ25.00
RYA Motor Cruising HandbookRYA$NZ20.00
Pass Your Day Skipper 6th EditionDavid Fairhall$NZ25.00
RYA Yachtmaster Scheme. Instructors HandbookRYA$NZ35.00
RYA Passage PlanningPeter Chennell$NZ42.50
Complete Day Skipper, TheTom Cunliffe$NZ55.00
RYA Yachtmaster Shorebased NotesPenny Haire$NZ35.00
RYA Stability & BouyancyRYA$NZ25.00
RYA Personal Watercraft HandbookRYA$NZ32.00
RYA Sea Survival HandbookKeith Colwell$NZ52.00
RYA Powerboat LogbookJonathan Mendez$NZ22.50
RYA Personal LogbookRobert Dearn$NZ60.00
RYA Diesel Engine HandbookAndrew Simpson$NZ50.00
RYA Weather Handbook - Southern HemisphereChris Tibbs$NZ50.00
RYA Introduction to RadarTim Bartlett$NZ25.00
RYA Navigation HandbookTim Bartlett$NZ62.00
RYA Navigation Exercises - 2nd editionChris Slade$NZ85.00
RYA Introduction to NavigationTim Bartlett$NZ30.00
RYA Catamaran HandbookJeremy Evans$NZ55.00
RYA International Regs for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 2nd editionTim Bartlett$NZ30.00
RYA Handy Plotter $NZ27.50
RYA Astro Navigation HandbookTim Bartlett$NZ25.00
RYA Day Skipper Shorebased NotesRYA$NZ35.00
RYA Motor Cruising & Yachtmaster Scheme Syllabus and LogbookSimon Jinks$NZ5.00
RYA Advanced Powerboat HandbookPaul Glatzel$NZ55.00
Yachtmaster Exercises for Sail & PowerAlison Noice$NZ50.00
RYA Safety Boat Handbook with DVDLaurence West and Grahame Forshaw$NZ25.00
Complete Yachtmaster, The - 8th EditionTom Cunliffe$NZ60.00
RYA Day Skipper Handbook MotorJon Mendez$NZ45.00
RYA Boat Safety HandbookKeith Colwell$NZ60.00
RYA Introduction to Boat Handling for Sail & PowerRob Gibson$NZ45.00
Ocean Yachtmaster ExercisesPat Langley-Price & Philip Ouvry$NZ80.00
The Rules Book 2013-2016Eric Twiname & Bryan Willis$NZ40.00
RYA Yachtmaster HandbookJames Stevens$NZ65.00
RYA Go SailingRYA$NZ40.00
RYA Knots, Splices and Ropework HandbookGordon Perry & Steve Judkins$NZ70.00
RYA Training Almanac SouthernRYA$NZ35.00
Pass Your Day Skipper 5th EditionDavid Fairhall$NZ20.00
RYA Competent Crew SkillsRYA$NZ35.00
RYA Sail Trim Handbook for CruisersRob Gibson$NZ45.00
RYA Offshore SailingDick McClary$NZ50.00
Day Skipper For Sail & Power, 2rd editionAlison Noice$NZ50.00
RYA Multihull Handbook for CruisersAndrew Simpson$NZ55.00
RYA ICC Handbook (International Certificate of Competence)Rob Gibson$NZ35.00
RYA Start PowerboatingJon Mendez$NZ30.00
RYA Better Sailing DVDRYA$NZ30.00
RYA Start Sailing DVDRYA$NZ32.50
RYA Start SailingSteve Sleight$NZ20.00
RYA Optimist HandbookAlan Williams$NZ60.00
RYA Laser HandbookPaul Goodison$NZ65.00
RYA Dinghy TechniquesJeremy Evans Jeremy Evans$NZ50.00
RYA Day Skipper Practical Course NotesAndy Thompson, Penny Haire & Simon Jinks$NZ30.00
RYA Powerboat HandbookPaul Glatzel$NZ20.00
RYA Start to RaceJeremy Evans$NZ55.00
RYA Handy Guide to CEVNIRYA$NZ20.00
RYA Advanced Dinghy Sailing HandbookRYA$NZ35.00
RYA Power Schemes Instructors HandbookColin Ridley & Clive Grant$NZ40.00
RYA Crew to WinJoe Glanfield$NZ53.00
Engineering, Electrical & Mechanical
Replacing your Boat's Electrical SystemMike Westin$NZ45.00
Electrics AfloatAlastair Garrod$NZ60.00
Propeller HandbookDave Gerr$NZ45.00
Boat Mechanical Systems HandbookDave Gerr$NZ67.00
12 Volt Bible for Boats, The - Second EditionMiner Brotherton, Ed Sherman$NZ37.00
21st Century Ship Management. ReedsCaptain J W Dickie$NZ75.00
Sailboat Electrics SimplifiedDon Casey$NZ59.00
Boatowner's Illustrated Electrical HandbookCharlie Wing$NZ60.00
Reeds Diesel Engine Troubleshooting HandbookBarry Pickthall$NZ25.00
RYA Electrics HandbookAndrew Simpson$NZ52.50
How to Install A New Diesel EnginePeter Cumberlidge$NZ37.00
Advanced Marine Electrics and Electronics TroubleshootingEd Sherman$NZ62.00
Steam Engineering Knowledge for Marine Engineers (Reed's Marine Engineering Series)Thomas Morton$NZ10.00
Motor Engineering Knowledge For Marine Engineers (Reed's Marine Engineering Series Vol 12)Paul Russell, T D Morton & L Jackson$NZ85.00
General Engineering Knowledge For Marine Engineers (Reed's Marine Engineering Series Vol 8)Paul Russell, leslie Jackson, Thomas Morton$NZ85.00
Stealth Warship Technology (Reed's Marine Engineering Series Vol 14)Christopher Lavers$NZ90.00
Ship Stability, Powering and Resistance (Reed's Marine Engineering Series Vol 13)Jonathan Ridley and Christopher Patterson$NZ130.00
Electronics, Navigational Aids and Radio Theory (Reed's Marine Engineering and technology Series Vol 15)Steve Richards$NZ85.00
Reeds Outboard Motor Troubleshooting HandbookBarry Pickthall$NZ25.00
Advanced Electro-Technology for Marine Engineers (Reed's Marine Engineering Series Vol 7)Christopher lavers & Edmund Kraal$NZ85.00
Applied Mechanics for Marine Engineers (Reed's Marine Engineering Series Vol 2)Paul A Russell, William Embleton, Leslie Jackson$NZ85.00
Boatowner's Mechanical and Electrical Manual, 4th EditionNigel Calder$NZ100.00
Outboard Engines - Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Repair. 2nd EdEdwin R. Sherman$NZ55.00
Troubleshooting Marine DieselsPeter Compton$NZ45.00
Adlard Coles Book of Outboard Motors, 3rd editionTim Bartlett$NZ40.00
Applied Thermodynamics for Marine Engineers (Reed's Marine Engineering Series Vol 3)William Embleton, Rev. by Leslie Jackson$NZ85.00
Be Your own Boat SurveyorDag Pike$NZ40.00
Boat Electrics BibleAndy Johnson$NZ70.00
Skipper's On-board Diesel GuideHans Donat$NZ28.00
Pocket Book of Marine Engineering Questions & AnswersWitherby Seamanship$NZ50.00
Mathematics for Marine Engineers (Reed's Marine Engineering Series Vol 1)Kevin Corner, Leslie Jackson & William Embleton$NZ85.00
Skipper’s Outboard Motor GuideHans Donat$NZ30.00
Adlard Coles Book of Diesel Engines, The , 4th editionTim Bartlett$NZ40.00
Powerboater's Guide to Electrical Systems, Second editionEd Sherman$NZ46.00
Adlard Coles Book of Maintenance and Repair for Outboard MotorsJean-Luc Pallas$NZ60.00
Practical Boat MechanicsBen L. Evridge$NZ43.00
Basic Electro-Technology for Engineers (Reed's Marine Engineering Series Vol 6)Edmund Kraal$NZ85.00
Refrigeration for Pleasure BoatsNigel Calder$NZ55.00
Adlard Coles Book of Maintenance and Repair for Diesel EnginesJean-Luc Pallas$NZ60.00
First Aid
First Aid at Sea, 6th EditionDouglas Justins & Colin Berry$NZ30.00
Doctor on BoardDr J Hauert$NZ35.00
Spot X Fishing Chart Bay of IslandsSpot X$NZ13.00
Spot X Cape to CapeBruce Duncan$NZ40.00
Spot X Fishing Chart Outer Islands - Hauraki GulfSpot X$NZ13.00
Spot X Fishing Chart Whangaroa - Cavalli IslandsSpot X$NZ13.00
Spot X Fishing Chart Great BarrierSpot X$NZ13.00
Spot X Surfcasting Chart - NorthlandSpot X$NZ13.50
Spot X Fishing Chart Waiheke Island - Western CoromandelSpot X$NZ13.00
Spot X Surfcasting Chart West Coast - North IslandSpot X$NZ3.00
Spot X Fishing Chart Kawau Island - WhangaparaoaSpot X$NZ13.00
Spot X Boat Fishing New ZealandMark Airey$NZ40.00
Fishes of New Zealand PosterTe Papa Press$NZ25.00
Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing, TheScott & Wendy Bannerot$NZ42.00
The Kiwi SurfCasting GuideAndy Macleod$NZ30.00
Soft Plastic Bait Fishing in New ZealandJohn Eichelsheim$NZ20.00
Kiwi Fishing KnotsSam Mossman$NZ15.00
Spot X Fishing Chart Marlborough SoundsSpot X$NZ13.00
Spot X Surfcasting New Zealand, 2nd EditionMark Draper & Mark Airey$NZ40.00
Spot X Fishing Chart Rotorua LakesSpot X$NZ13.00
New Zealand Seafood PosterSeafood Industry Council$NZ15.00
Spot X Fishing Chart Rangitoto island - The NoisesSpot X$NZ13.00
The New Zealand Grand Slam of FishingAlain Jorion$NZ20.00
Spot X Knots & SplicesSpot X$NZ13.00
Spot X Surfcasting Chart - AucklandSpot X$NZ13.50
Spot X Boat Game Fishing New ZealandMark Airey$NZ40.00
Spot X Fishing Chart Mercury Islands - WhitiangaSpot X$NZ13.00
Spot X Fishing Chart Manukau HarbourSpot X$NZ13.00
Spot X Fishing Chart Lake TaupoSpot X$NZ13.00
Out of Our DepthMike Peyton$NZ25.00
Floating AssetsMike Peyton$NZ25.00
Salty Dog TalkBill Beavis & Richard McCloskey$NZ25.00
Ups and Downs of a Lockkeeper, TheJake Kavanagh$NZ20.00
Foul BottomsJohn Quirk$NZ25.00
Worse Things Happen At SeaJake Kavanagh$NZ23.00
Unofficial Rules of Sailing, TheJim Crawford$NZ20.00
Adventures of a Reluctant Boating WifeAngela Rice$NZ23.00
Minimum Boat, TheSam Llewellyn$NZ23.00
Kayaking & Canoeing (Including Kayak/Canoe Building)
Building the Greenland KayakChristopher Cunningham$NZ46.00
Building Strip-Planked BoatsNick Schade$NZ43.00
Sea Kayaking IllustratedJohn Robison$NZ35.00
Stitch-and-Glue BoatbuildingChris Kulczycki$NZ42.00
Strip-Built Sea Kayak, TheNick Schade$NZ46.00
Canoe Shop, TheChris Kulczycki$NZ45.00
The Complete Sea Kayaker's HandbookShelley Johnson$NZ34.00
Canoe and Kayak Building the Light and Easy WaySam Rizzetta$NZ53.00
Ultrasimple Boatbuilding – 17 Plywood Boats Anyone Can BuildGavin Atkin$NZ39.00
Building Outrigger Sailing CanoesGary Dierking$NZ38.00
Knots, Splices, Rigs & Rigging
Reeds Knot HandbookJim Whippy$NZ20.00
Skipper's Mast & Rigging GuideRene Westerhuis$NZ30.00
RYA Rigging Handbook for Cruisers (G86)Allan Barwell$NZ35.00
Marlinspike Sailor's Knots and CraftsBarbara Merry$NZ30.00
Complete Rigger's Apprentice, The 2nd editionBrion Toss$NZ87.00
Sailmaker's Apprentice, TheEmiliano Marino & Christine Erikson$NZ70.00
Complete Canvasworker's Guide, The - 2nd EditionJim Grant$NZ67.00
Canvaswork & Sail RepairDon Casey$NZ50.00
RYA Pocket Guide to Boating Knots (Waterproof)Steve Lucas$NZ15.00
Knot Bible, TheNic Compton$NZ45.00
Nautical Knots IllustratedPaul Snyder & Arthur Snyder$NZ34.00
Waterproof Book of Fishing knots, TheWaterproof Book Company$NZ15.50
Knot Craft, Second EditionDes Pawson$NZ28.00
Splicing Handbook, The - Third EditionBarbara Merry with John Darwin$NZ37.00
Knots and SplicesCyrus Day$NZ17.00
Knots in UseColin Jarman$NZ25.00
Adlard Coles Book of Knots, ThePeter Owen$NZ25.00
Marlinspike Sailor, TheHervey Garrett Smith$NZ45.00
Logbooks & Stationery
Nautical Gift Cards - Briganteen BREEZECaptain Teach Publications$NZ1.80
RYA Sail LogbookRYA$NZ60.00
Waterproof Notebook Blank (Fernhurst)Fernhurst$NZ15.00
RYA Power LogbookRYA$NZ60.00
Nautical Gift Cards - Gaff Cutter MAYACaptain Teach Publications$NZ1.80
Nautical Gift Cards - Ketch BREUMCaptain Teach Publications$NZ1.80
Nautical Gift Cards - Yawl CALIPHCaptain Teach Publications$NZ1.80
Charterer's LogbookAdlard Coles$NZ40.00
Seafarer's Book - Personal Record of Sea ServiceTim Ridge$NZ25.00
RYA Wet Notes - waterproof notebookRYA$NZ20.00
Nautical Gift Cards - Topsail Schooner R. TUCKER THOMPSONCaptain Teach Publications$NZ1.80
Adlard Coles Nautical Logbook, hard cover $NZ40.00
Mariner's Log Book, A - Standard $NZ39.50
Waterproof Notebook Lined (Fernhurst)Fernhurst$NZ22.50
Nautical Gift Cards - Briganteen SOREN LARSEN, landscapeCaptain Teach Publications$NZ1.80
The Adlard Coles Maintenance LogbookRobert Dearn$NZ37.00
Inland Waterways LogbookEmrhys Barrell$NZ25.00
Cruising Memories, A Boater's Diary $NZ50.00
International Marine Logbook $NZ65.00
Nautical Gift Cards - Pilot Cutter IRIS, bow-onCaptain Teach Publications$NZ1.80
Nautical Gift Cards - Pilot Cutter IRIS, beam-onCaptain Teach Publications$NZ1.80
Nautical Gift Cards - Briganteen SOREN LARSEN, portraitCaptain Teach Publications$NZ1.80
Logbooks & Stationery
Ship Modeling from Stem to SternMilton Roth$NZ51.00
Metgen Inner Hauraki Gulf Mariner's Weather Handbook, TheJim Hessell$NZ20.50
Instant Weather ForecastingAlan Watts$NZ25.00
Instant Storm ForecastingAlan Watts$NZ22.00
1994 Pacific Storm Survey, TheKim Taylor$NZ25.50
50 Ways to Improve your Weather ForecastingDag Pike$NZ25.00
Understanding WeatherfaxMike Harris$NZ37.00
Coastal TurmoilKen Endean$NZ40.00
Mariner's Metpack - South West PacificBob McDavitt$NZ39.50
Weather Wise - Reading Weather SignsAlan Watts$NZ37.00
Instant Wind Forecasting - 3rd editionAlan Watts$NZ33.00
Weather-wise BoatingGeoff S$NZ31.00
Metgen Cook Strait Mariner's Weather Handbook, TheJim Hessel$NZ20.50
Storms and Wild WaterDag Pike$NZ40.00
Reed's Maritime Meteorology - 3rd ed.Maurice Cornish & Elaine Ives$NZ75.00
The Wavewatcher’s Companion - PBGavin Pretor-Pinney$NZ29.00
Weather Handbook, TheAlan Watts$NZ46.00
Metgen Outer Gulf Mariner's Weather Handbook, TheJim Hessel$NZ20.50
Marine Modelling
Ship Modeling SimplifiedFrank Mastini$NZ56.00
Ship Modeling from ScratchEdwin B Leaf$NZ56.00
Planking Techniques for Model ShipbuildersDonald Dressel$NZ41.00
Catamaran Book, The - third editionBrian Phipps$NZ42.00
Cruising Multihull, TheChris White$NZ58.00
Catamarans - The Complete Guide for Cruising SailorsGregor Tarjan$NZ79.00
Navigation Including Radar & Sextant
Sight Reduction Tables Pub 249 Vol 3 Latitudes 39 to 89 degrees $NZ80.00
Traditional Yacht NavigationJeff Toghill$NZ40.00
Sight Reduction Tables Pub 249 Vol 2 Latitudes 0 to 40 degrees $NZ70.00
Understanding Navigation DVDAmberley Marine$NZ85.00
Sight Reduction Tables Pub 249 Vol 1 Pre-selected Stars Epoch 2006 - 2014 $NZ70.00
Learn To Navigate 6th editionBasil Mosenthal$NZ28.00
GPS for Mariners, 2nd ed.Robert J Sweet$NZ37.00
Adlard Coles Book of Navigation, TheTim Bartlett$NZ30.00
Celestial WorksheetsCaptain Teach$NZ17.50
Radar for MarinersDavid Burch$NZ37.00
Electronic Navigation CDMike Scanlan$NZ20.00
How to Read a Nautical Chart, 2nd EditionNigel Calder$NZ37.00
Adlard Coles Book of Radar, TheBorje Wallin$NZ40.00
Weekend Navigator, The 2nd EditionBob Sweet$NZ45.00
Sextant Handbook, TheBruce Bauer$NZ49.00
Special Astro Deal! - Sight Reduction Tables 1,2 and 3. Fullset $NZ180.00
Adlard Coles Book of Navigation Exercises, TheAlison Noice and James Stevens$NZ30.00
Easy Nav, Second EditionCaptain Teach$NZ55.00
America to Antipodes: Sight Reduction TablesCaptain Teach$NZ55.00
Celestial Navigation for Yachtsmen, 12th editionMary Blewitt$NZ25.00
Star Chart of the Southern Skies $NZ15.00
Coastal Navigation CDMike Scanlan$NZ20.00
Celestial Navigation CDMike Scanlan$NZ20.00
Celestial Nautical Almanac 2017 Commercial EditionParadise Cay$NZ70.00
Nautical Dictionaries & Reference
Reeds Maritime Flag HandbookMiranda Delmar-Morgan$NZ25.00
Adlard Coles Nautical Quiz BookAdlard Coles$NZ17.00
Yachtsman's Ten Language DictionaryBarbara Webb$NZ45.00
Skylarks and ScuttlebuttsLorenz Schroter$NZ30.00
Adlard Coles Nautical Puzzle BookAdlard Coles$NZ17.00
Don't Shoot the AlbatrossJonathan Eyers$NZ20.00
Boat WordsDenny Desoutter$NZ33.00
Practical Mariner's Book of KnowledgeJohn Vigor$NZ37.00
Can Squid Fly?Tony Rice$NZ25.00
Why Sailors can't SwimNic Compton$NZ28.00
The Illustrated Boat Dictionary in 9 LanguagesVanessa Bird$NZ45.00
Jack Tar and the Baboon WatchCapt. Frank Lanier$NZ29.00
Do Whales Get the Bends?Tony Rice$NZ25.00
Natural History
Albatrosses, Petrels and Shearwaters of the WorldDerek Onley, Paul Scofield$NZ70.00
Know Your New Zealand FishesJenny & Tony Enderby$NZ36.00
Whales Dolphins and SealsHadoram Shirihai & Brett Jarrett$NZ40.00
Spirals in Time -The Secret Life and Curious Afterlife of SeashellsHelen Scales$NZ25.00
Albatross – Their World, Their WaysTui de Roy$NZ80.00
Photographic Guide to the Sea Fishes of New ZealandWade Doak$NZ26.00
Power Boater's Guide, TheBasil Mosenthal & Richard Mortimer$NZ40.00
All About PowerboatsRoger Marshall$NZ51.50
Sorensen's Guide to PowerboatsEric W. Sorenson$NZ45.00
Complete Rib Manual, TheDag Pike$NZ75.00
Voyaging under Power - 4th editionBeebe & Unstot$NZ69.00
Buying a Motorboat - New or Second-HandBarry Pickthall$NZ40.00
Complete Guide to Trailering your Boat, TheBruce W. Smith$NZ29.00
Confident PowerboatingStu Reininger$NZ34.00
Your First PowerboatBob Armstrong$NZ38.00
Manoeuvring at Close Quarters Under PowerBill Johnson$NZ37.00
Dag Pike's Cruising Under PowerDag Pike$NZ50.00
Getting Started in Powerboating, Third EditionBob Armstrong$NZ34.00
Powerboat Handling IllustratedBob Sweet$NZ49.00
Sailing & Racing
Psychology of Sailing, TheIan Brown$NZ40.00
Singlehanded SailingAndrew Evans$NZ39.00
Learning to SailDi Goodman & Ian Brodie$NZ30.00
Sailing Bible, TheJeremy Evans, Pat Manley & Barrie Smith$NZ60.00
Sail TrimPeter Hahne$NZ40.00
Helming to Win (Sail to Win series)Nick Craig$NZ35.00
Passage Making Made perfectAlastiar Buchan$NZ40.00
Performance Sailing and RacingSteve Colgate$NZ45.00
On Course to WinJim Saltonstall$NZ37.00
Coach Yourself to Win (Sail to Win series)Jon Emmett$NZ45.00
Dinghy Bible, TheRuper Holmes & Jeremy Evans$NZ50.00
Yachting New Zealand Racing Rules of Sailing 2017 - 2020Yachting New Zealand$NZ30.00
Rules Book, The Complete 2013-2016 RulesEric Twiname & Bryan Willis$NZ50.00
Competent Crew for New Crew.Pat Langley-Price & Philip Ouvry$NZ35.00
How to Trim SailsPeter Schweer$NZ40.00
2017-2020 Racing Rules CompanionBryan Willis$NZ22.00
High Performance SailingFrank Bethwaite$NZ85.00
Sailing StrategyIan Proctor$NZ40.00
Gaff Rig Handbook, TheJohn Leather$NZ75.00
Your First Sailboat, 2nd edDaniel Spurr$NZ33.00
Start to WinEric Twiname$NZ40.00
Aero-Hydrodynamics and the Performance of Sailing YachtsFabio Fossati$NZ110.00
International Marine Book of Sailing, TheRobby Robinson$NZ75.00
Complete Sailor, TheDavid Seidman$NZ32.00
RYA Racing For Yachts & KeelboatsRYA$NZ37.50
Speed, Sail & Rig Tuning - DVDAdam Bowers$NZ35.00
RYA Handy Guide to the Racing Rules 2017-2020RYA$NZ9.00
Go Dinghy SailingBarry Pickthall$NZ40.00
RYA Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-2020RYA$NZ30.00
Learning to Sail, 4th editionBasil Mosenthal$NZ25.00
Hand, Reef and Steer, 2nd EditionTom Cunliffe$NZ57.00
Optimist Racing GuideRoger Kitchen$NZ20.00
Offshore Race Crew's Manual, TheStuart Quarrie$NZ45.00
Yachting New Zealand Safety Regulations of Sailing 2017 - 2020Yachting New Zealand$NZ35.00
Getting Started in Sailboat Racing, 2nd editionAdam Cort & Richard Stearns$NZ35.00
RYA National Sailing Scheme Instructor HandbookRYA$NZ35.00
Winner's Guide to Optimist Sailing, TheGary Jobson and Jay Kehoe$NZ35.00
Sailing - A Beginner's GuideDavid Seidman$NZ50.00
Higher Performance SailingFrank Bethwaite$NZ110.00
Stress-Free SailingDuncan Wells$NZ40.00
Boating For AllMike and Dee Pigneguy$NZ20.50
Seamanship & Education
Diesel Inboard Engine Operation and Maintenance HandbookCoastguard Boating Education$NZ25.00
Captain's Quick Guides - How to Read a Nautical ChartNigel Calder$NZ25.00
Outboard Engine Maintenance HandbookCoastguard Boating Education$NZ25.00
GPS Operator HandbookCoastguard Boating Education$NZ20.00
Radar HandbookCoastguard Boating Education$NZ20.00
Safe SkipperSimon Jollands & Rupert Holmes$NZ37.00
Reeds Superyacht Manual 3rd EditionJames Clarke$NZ80.00
Superyacht MasterRobert Avis$NZ60.00
How to Cope with StormsD von Haeften$NZ37.00
Reeds Marine SurveyingThomas Ask$NZ75.00
Instant Handbook of Boat handling, Navigation and Seamanship, TheNigel Calder et al$NZ42.00
Reeds Ocean HandbookBill Johnson$NZ25.00
Complete Ocean SkipperTom Cunliffe$NZ70.00
Captain's Quick Guides - Diesel Engine Care and RepairNigel Calder$NZ25.00
Art of Seamanship, Theralph Naranjo$NZ85.00
Captain's Quick Guides - AnchoringPeter Nielsen$NZ25.00
Skipper's Cockpit GuideBo Streiffert$NZ35.00
New Zealand Day Skipper HandbookCoastguard Boating Education$NZ30.00
Seamanship SecretsJohn Jamieson$NZ39.00
Captain's Quick Guides - Rules of the Road and Running Light PatternsCharlie Wing$NZ25.00
Captain's Quick Guides - Boat Handling Under PowerBob Sweet$NZ25.00
Captain's Quick Guides - Using GPSBob Sweet$NZ25.00
New Zealand Boating E-Book, TheMike Scanlan$NZ20.00
RYA Day Skipper Handbook SailSara Hopkinson$NZ60.00
Captain's Quick Guides - Knots, Splices and Line HandlingCharlie Wing$NZ25.00
Sea Survival Manual, TheFrances & Michael Haworth$NZ45.00
Flashcards $NZ19.50
Work Book for Boat Masters, The $NZ25.00
Maritime Radio Operator Certificate HandbookCoastguard Boating Education$NZ25.00
Captain's Quick Guides - Onboard Weather ForecastingBob Sweet$NZ25.00
Captain's Quick Guides - Sail Trim and Rig TuningBill Gladstone$NZ25.00
Boatmaster Exercises (incl supplementary text)Coastguard Boating Education$NZ30.00
Fast Handling TechniquesFrank Bethwaite$NZ50.00
Crewing Aboard A SuperyachtKim Davis$NZ40.00
Bridge Resource Management for Small ShipsDaniel S. Parrott$NZ85.00
Pass Your Yachtmaster, 5th ed.David Fairhill & Mike Peyton$NZ37.00
Reeds Crew HandbookBill Johnson$NZ24.00
The Adlard Coles Book of AnchoringBobby Schenk$NZ40.00
Reeds Skipper's HandbookMalcolm Pearson$NZ20.00
Captain's Quick Guides - Heavy Weather SailingJohn Rousmaniere$NZ25.00
Safety in Small CraftMike Scanlan$NZ44.00
Rules of the Road at Sea, TheMike Scanlan$NZ27.00
RYA Commercial Regulations for Small VesselsSimon Jinks$NZ35.00
Boat Code Kit, TheCaptain Teach Press$NZ44.00
Heavy Weather Sailing, 7th Edition.Peter Bruce$NZ76.00
Kiteboarding. Where It's AtAlex Hapgood$NZ50.00
Surfers. A Kiwi LifestyleJo Caird & Paula George$NZ40.00
Wooden Boat RenovationJim Trefethen$NZ66.00
Venetian NavigatorsAndrea di Robilant$NZ30.00
Canvas Flying, Seagulls Crying.Justin Ruthven-Tyers$NZ25.00
Don't Trust Don't Fear Don't BegBen Stewart$NZ35.00
Pacific OdysseyGwenda Cornell$NZ37.00
Crusoe's IslandAndrew Lambert$NZ45.00
Galloping GhostsRobin Elliot$NZ50.00
Intrepid VoyagersTom Lochhaas Editor$NZ47.00
Phoenix from the AshesJustin Ruthven-Tyers$NZ25.00
Team SpiritBrendan Hall$NZ25.00
Racing With DeathBeau Riffenburgh$NZ31.00
Speck on the Sea, AWilliam H Longyard$NZ37.00
Into the StormPerkins and Murphy$NZ49.00
Sailing A Serious OceanJohn Kretschmer$NZ46.00
Spanish GoldDavid Cordingly$NZ25.00
117 Days AdriftMaurice & Maralyn Bailey$NZ40.00
Just Sea & SkyBen Pester$NZ23.00
Peyton – The World’s Greatest Yachting CartoonistDick Durham$NZ40.00
Total LossPaul Gelder$NZ25.00
Left For DeadNick Ward with Sinead O'Brien$NZ25.00
SeizedMax Hardberger$NZ25.00
Proving Ground, TheG Bruce Knecht$NZ25.00
Riddle of the Sands, TheErskine Childers$NZ23.00
Shackleton's WayMargot Morrell & Stepahnie Capparell$NZ25.00
City of FortuneRoger Crowley$NZ30.00
Addicted to AdventureBob Shepton$NZ25.00
Outrageous GraceJohn Otterbacher$NZ25.00
Sunk Without TracePaul Gelder$NZ25.00
Mutiny on the HMS BountyWilliam Bligh$NZ25.00
Blown AwayHerb Payson$NZ35.00
Trial by TasmanLindsay Wright$NZ40.00
Casting OffEmma Bamford$NZ25.00
A Bit MentalJimi Hunt$NZ35.00
Expert Sailing SkillsTom Cunliffe$NZ70.00
Disasters at SeaDag Pike$NZ45.00
World of My Own, ARobin Knox-Johnston$NZ27.50
Sailing Alone Around the WorldCaptain Joshua Slocum$NZ28.00